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2022-2023 school year

Union High School - $2,500
Supporting the relaunch of the QUEENdom program.

Harrison Park School - $2,450
Holocaust museum field trip.

Mirror Me, Inc - $1,520
Supporting the “You Are Enough Mother Daughter Brunch.”

Harrison Park School - $9,203
Providing Project Based Learning for Harrison Park middle schoolers with our community partner, West Michigan Computer Arts and Technology.

Harrison Park School - $300
Supporting an educational experience for Harrison Park students to connect with children from different communities and learn about other parts of Michigan, while increasing their writing and reading skills.

Union High School - $3,840
To support the JROTC Military Ball.

Fair Housing Center of West Michigan - $6,500
Writing to Right Wrongs program support.

2021-2022 school year

Bridge Street Ministries - Resurgence // West Side $5,000

To support the academic, social, spiritual, and community development of West Side youth through creative, high-quality, extracurricular after-school programming that emphasizes STEM, arts, physical exercise and outdoor activities, and personal identity.

Continuation grant to Bridge Street Ministries - Resurgence // West Side $5,000

Fair Housing Center of West Michigan - Writing to Right Wrongs $7,000

To combine civil rights/fair housing content and spoken word to empower UHS students with a better understanding of their rights, the importance of place and how to use their creative voice in positive ways to express themselves and impact their community.

Harrison Park School - College field trips for West Side Students $4,000

To offer students from Harrison Park, Westwood Middle, and Union High School with opportunities to visit colleges around the state.

Harrison Park School - PBIS School Store $1,000

To increase positive student behavior by creating a store where students can shop using their class dojo points as currency.

Harrison Park School - Holocaust Museum Trip $2,450

To provide 8th grade students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Holocaust through a powerful in-person experience that aligns with curriculum.

MI College Access Network/Union High School - MCAN AdviseMI - College Adviser $15,000

To fund the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) AdviseMI College Adviser position. This Americorps position supports UHS seniors in their college access process, including applications, FAFSA, scholarships, college best-fit decisions, and more.

Mirror Me, Inc - You Are Enough Mother Daughter Brunch $1,520

To support costs for a community-based Mother-Daughter Brunch offered to middle- and high-school aged young women on the west side, with a focus on building resilience, personal pride, and sense of community.

Union High School - Post-Pandemic Books $2,300

To engage students in texts they enjoy reading and experience literature circle groups, using novels that were intentionally selected for my students.

Union High School - Redhawk Honors $2,500

To recognize and honor students that are meeting/exceeding building expectations related to attendance, behavior, and grades at the end of each quarter.

Continuation grant to Union High School - Redhawk Honors $2,500

Union High School - Union Spanish reading program $2,000

To create a greater diversity and supply of levelled readers for students to read in Spanish. Reading Spanish increases vocabulary and proficiency, and pleasure reading will increase students’ desire to read overall.

Union High School - UHS media team $5,000

This student-written grant will support the new UHS Media Team in learning how to make media of all types that will promote the school and raise student voice.

Our Community's Children - T2C Studio: 2022 Summer Melt Tour $9,300

To provide meaningful networking opportunities and hands-on activities for high school students, currently enrolled college students, and parents during the summer months that connect them with additional community and higher-ed supports to promote college access and retention. This will be achieved through the Bootcamp, College Mixer & Summer Send-off events

Kconnect - Alsame Latino Youth Conference $6,000

To support the ALSAME (Advocates for Latino Student Advancement in Michigan Education) Latino Youth Conference. More than 1,000 Latino youth from across Michigan attended the event designed to empower, excite and better prepare Latino students for higher education.

West Michigan Youth for Christ - Battle for the Clif Futsal Tournament $2,500

To host an 18 and under futsal tournament, during Spring Break, on the west side of Grand Rapids that is free for GRPS students and serves as a safe community event in the neighborhood. This events also connects teenagers to mentorship opportunities.

New City Kids - Sound Engineering & Videography Internship $10,000

To invest in equipment for the music and sound engineering and videography department, to further develop and fully launch the Technology Teen Life Internships. This department will serve our community by providing sound and video production services for local organizations and community events, and will help our youth tell their stories with the community of Grand Rapids & beyond. Students will learn about creating professional social media presences and community engagement from professionals in the field.

October 2020

Sibley Elementary – Lexia Reading Program $3,000

Additional funding for access to the research-based Lexia Core 5 Reading program for all Sibley students in grades K through 5.

Sibley Elementary – Language Arts Kindergarten Readers $1,500

For the purchase of six appropriately leveled books to send home with each Sibley kindergartener.

Union High School – Kuta Software $1,000

To increase equitable access to high quality teaching and learning during virtual education.

September 2020

Union High School – RazKids Reading Program $115

For the purchase of an online tool to help students increase their reading abilities by grade level.

Sibley Elementary – Lexia Reading Program $6,500

Access to the research-based Lexia Core 5 Reading program for all Sibley students in grades K through 5.

Union High School – Union High School Biology Club $2,430

To increase student engagement and participation, grow involvement, increase love of all things biology and educate students about living organisms in their own neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Union High School – Virtual Learning Victories $5,000

To incentivize, acknowledge, and reward students engaging in and meeting virtual learning expectations.

Bridge Street Ministries – Resurgence: West Side $5,000

Support for the holistic development of middle school students in Grand Rapids’ Westside through collaborative, creative, and structured programming.

Sibley Elementary – Reflex: Math Fluency for Sibley $8,402

Technology support to help students master their Math Facts at grade level.

August 2020

Union High School – Kuta Works for Online Learning $1,000

To differentiate math instruction, assignments and assessments for all Union students for online learning and create an environment of high level learning.

Harrison Park School – Reach to Each $2,900

This grant will be used to purchase furniture that can be used in multiple ways to utilize the learning space more efficiently to improve student engagement.

May 2020

West Michigan Center for Arts + Technology – WMCAT's Step Year $10,000

Engage 12 scholars in a 16-week Step Year experience that will prepare them for and support the first semester at Grand Rapids Community College.

Union High School – AdviseMI College Adviser $12,000

To fund the position of a College Adviser who will be an added support for assisting seniors with the college access process.

February 2020

Stocking Elementary School – 5th Grade End of Year Celebration! $2,800

Support for an educational experience and a graduation ceremony for 5th grade students.

Union High School – Books with a Purpose $2,000

To provide high interest books and resources which align with the school curriculum.

Hispanic Center of Western Michigan Inc – Supporting Our Leaders (SOL) $25,000

To prepare Hispanic (Latino/Latinx) youth for post-secondary success through college enrollment, trade/certification programs, or job attainment.

Union High School – Enhancing the Union Soccer Experience $10,000

Investment in the soccer program to increase student's self esteem and sense of Union pride.

January 2020

Harrison Park – WMCAT Project! $8,000

This grant help increase awareness of their community, as well as to expose students to different potential areas of interest that could translate into a career.

Sibley Elementary – Multi-functional Furniture $4,500

This grant will be used to purchase furniture that can be used in multiple ways to utilize the learning space more efficiently to improve student engagement.

Matthew's House Ministry – The Building Blocks Project $3,300

To provide a safe place for kids after school while giving them a chance to experience creative expression.

December 2019

Harrison Park Human Body Trip - $1,100

This grant will be used to expose students to a visual representation of science so they can become more aware of the complexities of human organ system interactions as well as possible careers associated with helping to maintain these

November 2019

Fair Housing Center of West Michigan Writing to Right Wrongs (WRW) - $5000

This grant will suppor their work to combine civil rights/fair housing content and spoken word to empower at least 25 Union High School students with a better understanding of their rights, the importance of place and how to use their creative voice in positive ways to express themselves and impact their community.

Union High School JROTC Activities - $3,150

This grant supports their abillity to host one Military Ball for the three GRPS schools that have JROTC programs. During the 2019/20 school year, attend two (2) JROTC regional physical fitness competitions, and two (2) JROTC regional drill competitions.

Union High School Entertainment in the Cafeteria - $2,500

This grant supports initiatives to decrease the amount of behavioral referrals and incidents that occur in the cafeteria.

Sibley Elementary Lexia Reading Intervention - $2,000

This grant supports initiatives to increase reading skills. THe goals are that students in the 0-30th percentile in reading will grow to at least the 50th percentile. Students in the 30-50th percentile range will grow to at least the 70%ile. Students above the 50th percentile will grow to at least 80 percentile.

Increasing our Teacher Morale Project - $2,000

Each month of the school year, teachers and other staff will be honored/recognized for their contribution to Union High in a positive way. Folks will receive a token of appreciation and the others at the school will view their colleagues contribution. Secondly, the funding will ensure a lunch takes place.

Boyz to Men Club - $1,500

25 African American 9th graders who attend the mentoring sessions 80% of the time, who also increase their overall GPA or have 6/6 classes in which they are passing, are celebrated 1st semester and with a Craig Cruisers field trip by May 30, 2020.

Equity Team Study Resources - $1,500

By obtaining texts related to Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT), they will build staff capacity for cultivating relationships with students of diverse backgrounds as well as develop understanding for how to move students forward cognitively, using brain-based science and CRT research.

Resources for ELL Cohort - $1,500

Students in the ELL cohort will grow to WIDA 3 as well as 2-3 grade levels on the MAP test.

Union High School Senior Campus Visits - $1,300

To increase the percentage of Union High School students who attend post-secondary options within 1 year of graduation, by 5% from the most recent data point of 2015-2016 graduates.

October 2019

Sibley Elementary Kindergarten Math Workshop - $3,000

Students will increase their mathematical abilities on the NWEA MAP test from September, 2019 to May, 2020. The goal is for half of the class or more to increase their percentile ranking by 10 percentage points or greater from September to May

Sibley Familia Uniform Shirt - $3,000

This grant will be used to present to the students of Sibley Elementary a creative shirt design that represents students and their community. The plan is to present the shirts to the Sibley students and staff in February of 2020.

QUEENDOM Girls Group - $2,000

The goal of this project is to grow our group of girls from 15 to 30. The regular attenders will continue to show decreased suspensions, increased grades, and more positive behavior inside and outside of the classroom

Be nice. - $1,500

The goal is to reduce the number of students struggling with depression and suicidal ideation. This grant will support efforts to have more students involved in the groups and meeting with a clinician.

June 2019

Help Organize these Middle Schoolers! $500

This grant will provide the tools that will allow the middle school students at Harrison Park to become organized and have enough workspace at their desks for more collaborative learning to take place! They will learn the very valuable and necessary life skill of organizing themselves!

PBIS Star Store $2000

The goal for the Star Store is to be a system to support and enhance the teachers' implementation of classroom PBIS practices with fidelity. Students will earn STAR tickets by following school wide behavior expectations. Teachers will monitor the distribution of STAR tickets and its impact on individual and group behavior.

VAEI Trips $1000

The goal of VAEI trips is to expose students to different careers in science through hands on activities teaching scientific principles.

May 2019

Westside Storytime in the Park $8,500

This family-focused literacy celebration will take place during the evening on Tuesdays this June - August at Lincoln Park. The goal of the Literacy Center of West Michigan is to engage 300 families and 15 community partners during the summer, distributing 2,500 free books to children ages 18 and younger.

Raised Gardens - Extension of Greenhouse Project $7,000

As an extension of the previously approved Greenhouse Project, raised beds will be constructed on Union property to connect community, families, and students. As entrepreneurs, students will plan a business model to produce greenhouse items that will be transplanted to the raised beds. Revenue will provide many options for new opportunities..

April 2019

Science and Sailing: Exploring the Great Lakes $2,700

With this grant, fifth graders will develop teamwork skills by working together to sail the schooner on which they will travel and obtain practical knowledge of water and environmental sciences.

Class of 2019 Senior Trip $2,400

This grant will give seniors exposure to healthy leisure opportunities by taking them on a senior trip to Northern Michigan.

Writing Forward Field Trip $10,000

This grant will expose students at Union High School to college level writing and research practices, in order to assist them as they begin mindfully thinking about their next steps as Challenge Scholars.

Library/Media Center Makeover $13,000

This grant will provide upgrades to equip the Westwood Middle School library and media center to be a more functionally versatile space for students, staff and the community.

March 2019

3D Printing Club $1,000

With this grant, resources and supplies will be provided to an after school club, which invites all students to build relationships, expand their creativity, and better the school community.

Westwood Running Group $1,200

This grant will aid students who have expressed a desire to be more physically fit, achieve their goals through running.

February 2019

Building Relationships Through Technology: S-Tech (Student Techs) $1,000

With this grant S-Tech students will produce bi-weekly School News videos & mentor students in the resource room with creating 10 classroom video projects.

Stocking Student Leadership Team $500

This grant will be used to establish a new Student Leadership Team at Stocking Elementary. We will work with community partners on at least two experiential learning projects before year-end and attend one leadership conference or retreat.

Field Trip to 3 Mile Project $600

This grant will be used to encourage positive student behavior and promote social emotional growth of students at Stocking Elementary through our PBIS incentive program. Students must have made it through the month with no behavioral referrals to attend the celebration.

AdviseMI $9,000

This grant will be used to secure funding for an AdviseMI Adviser through the Michigan College Access Network, to increase the number of high school students who enter and complete postsecondary education.