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November 2018 

Let’s Get Geeked - $1000

This program will take students to the geek group to apply science objectives learned in class in areas like electricity, engineering, and mathematics.

Lexia for Struggling Readers - $1000

This grant supports the purchase Lexia for 2nd grade team so that students will raise their MAP reading scores at end of their second grade year.

Science Buddies - $1000

Science Buddies engages and excites students through shared scientific investigations between Kindergartners and Fourth graders.

Boyz to Men Group - $1000

This grant will be used to establish an afterschool support group of diverse young men with the purpose of building trusting relationships with other positive male role models, while exploring educational opportunities such as visits to colleges and places of employment.

We’ve Got You Covered, Uniform and Personal Care Shop - $900

This grant will involve volunteers, Westwood staff, parents and students in creating a welcoming space at Westwood where students can “shop” for school uniforms and other basic needs.

Fitness for Life - $2000

This grant will be used to purchase physical education equipment for the PE program at Westwood.

JROTC Teams - $1000

This grant will help Union’s JROTC attend two regional physical fitness competitions, and two regional drill competitions.

Stand Up and Learn! - $160

This grant will provide a stand-up table for Rachel Kuiper's Special Education classroom for students with attention difficulties.

GVSU Library Field Trip - $1000

This field trip will expose students to GVSU's library resources in a collaborative learning opportunity with GVSU college of Ed. students, librarians, and the writing center.

October 2018 

Union High School Kuta Software - $1000

This grant will provide supplemental materials to Union's math curriculum to support skills allowing more students to achieve benchmark on the PSAT and SAT assessments. 

Union Ultimate Greenhouse Project - $1000

This grant supports a Greenhouse in which the actual products grown are cooked and consumed by the students and school community. Students will engage in weekly hands-on learning and work with the students in the ASD program – forming positive relationships with students who have autism.

QUEENdom Project - $1000

This afterschool girls group is focused on building relationships and teaching life skills in a relevant way to empower 30-40 young women through volunteering, self-esteem, conflict resolution, peer mentorship, and school spirit.

Pailalen Program at Harrison Park Elementary -$1000

This grant provides childcare during Pailalen classes for parents.  The Pailalen Program includes focus on Culture & History; Parenting styles; Cooperation & Communication; Responsibility & Discipline; Building Self-Esteem; Understanding & Redirecting Misbehavior; and Parenting for School Success, among other things. 

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