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Take away the fear of not being able to afford college and anything is possible. Knowing that there is a plan to pay for education after high school lets Challenge Scholars dream, explore and know that they are working hard for a bright future.


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We Care About Challenge Scholars

Community Impact

It's good for students, families and the community.

Challenge Scholars does more than fulfill the dreams of students and families— it truly benefits our entire community by creating stronger, healthier and more diverse neighborhoods.

The city and region grow when we have a more equitable and skilled workforce. We grow when everyone has access to the resources necessary to achieve in our community. Challenge Scholars is the bridge to those resources.

Today, around 60 percent of jobs in Michigan require at least a two-year degree. Challenge Scholars is preparing students to meet this need. The Bureau of Labor Statistics links higher education to lower unemployment, greater income levels, and living a more healthy and satisfying life.

  • Union High School Students
    In Michigan, degree holders earn more than twice as much as high school graduates. Education fuels our students future as well as our community’s.
  • Future Challenge Scholars Studying
    Challenge Scholars will be part of the next generation of people who live, work, play, shop, lead and grow in Grand Rapids.


Invest in our students and our community today.