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Your Community Is All In—We Support You!

Getting ready for college requires hard work, but you're not alone. Your community is here to support you every step along the way. Here are the people who know the Challenge Scholars program. They're ready to answer your questions and help you stay on track.

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We're here to help! Reach out by phone, text or email at any time. You can even request a personal appointment to connect with our team.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. We agree.

One cool part of Challenge Scholars is that everyone can be part of it—parents, donors, volunteers, school staff, alumni, teachers and the list goes on. We are all working together to ensure students succeed. We are all in this together!


    We already have terrific teachers, principals and school staff. To make that school team even better, we added Challenge Scholars Coordinators to help students explore college and career options and KSSN Community School Coordinators to help families access services in schools.


    Families are students first and best teachers. They attend family nights, ensure their students are in school everyday, and stay up to date on their grades and progress. Families also connect with one another and the community, creating a network of support for Challenge Scholars.


    Countless organizations, businesses and individuals support Challenge Scholars by giving their time, talent and treasure. Community members volunteer, mentor, speak to classes and offer field trips. Together they are saying we believe in our community's children—they are our future and we want what's best for them.


    Parents, teachers and the community can show their support, but students have to do the work. Our Challenge Scholars dream big, come to school everyday and study hard. They are bright, dynamic and eager to succeed—without a doubt, they are up to the challenge.