Getting Business Support for Challenge Scholars!

When we say “Your Community Supports You” to our Challenge Scholars, that means more than just teachers and partner organizations, it means businesses, too! For businesses, supporting Challenge Scholars is easy: just put up a poster or sticker in your window and show your support.

Here is a quick guide of how to talk to businesses in your neighborhood about supporting Challenge Scholars.

Tip #1: Keep it quick

When talking about Challenge Scholars, it's important to stay on message and stay brief. Business owners don't have a lot of time and are often asked to support things financially. Since we aren't asking for financial support, they will be open to hearing you out, but you'll need to be quick about it.

Tip #2: Focus on the "why"

Business owners are not interested in all of the details of how the program works. You just need to help them understand why they should support it. Let them know that Challenge Scholars is about creating opportunity for students and families who work hard for their future. We all see families working hard to help their kids graduate high school but not having the money to send their child to college, no matter how hard they work. But Challenge Scholars is not simply free money for college or career training - it's the opportunity for these students to become leaders in our community.

Tip #3: Ask for their support

Community participation and support is key to the success of these students. Challenge Scholars should feel like they are part of a big community that is cheering them on. We simply need the business community to help in showing these students that everyone is rooting for them. They need to know that their hard work is being recognized and that their success is vital to the growth of our city and region. Businesses can show their support for students by putting up Challenge Scholars posters and stickers.

Tip #4: Point them to resources

Let them know that you are simply asking for their support, they don't need to train their staff or become experts in Challenge Scholars. However, let them know that there are resources available at and if they have any questions they can ask you or any other CS Champion for more information. If families have questions, encourage them to visit the website - On the site there are details, the three paths to becoming a challenge scholar, and other tips on how to succeed in school.