How to Highlight Personal Stories

Whether you are writing their story, telling it to a parent or partner, or even just sharing it at your dinner table, here are a few guidelines for how to tell stories with respect.

We are all in for Challenge Scholars

For many of our Challenge Scholars students, they will not only be the first to attend college, but they'll be the first to graduate from high school. That's important for students and families, but also means those students need support.


Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Cris Kutzli, Challenge Scholars Co-Director, Program & Evaluation, 616.454.1751 x 118 or
Ben Oliver, Challenge Scholars Advisor, 616.454.1751 x 122 or

Harrison Park
Troy Wilbon, Principal, 616.819.2565
Jahan Webb, Challenge Scholars College/Career Coordinator, 616.819.1737 or
Stephen Lovell, KSSN Coordinator,

Westwood Middle
Cindy Peck, Principal, 616.819.3322
Rebecca Back, Challenge Scholars College/Career Coordinator,
Candy Valenzuela, KSSN Coordinator,

Union High
Karl Nelson, Principal, 616.819.3160
Tracy Benjamin, Challenge Scholars College/Career Coordinator,
Kelsey Holsinger, KSSN Coordinator,

GRPS All Schools
Mary Jo Kuhlman, Assistant Superintendent, Organizational Learning
Pam Wells-Marcusse, Challenge Scholars College/Career Consultant